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Supported Living

Home care and support allows you flexibility to live safely in your own home.

Supported Living

Topview Supported Living provides specialised support to individuals with learning disabilities, autism, mental health needs, and challenging behavior. Our goal is to help them live the life they desire by enabling them to live independently in their own homes within their communities, leading to a more fulfilling and content life. Our services are professional and tailored to meet individual needs.

Topview Supported Living is dedicated to providing assistance to individuals in reaching independence and accomplishing their objectives. Our approach is centred around the individual, ensuring that our care and support is tailored to their specific needs, preferences, and aspirations. We take pride in our commitment to professional and personalised service.

We collaborate with each individual to create customized support plans that aim to maximize their independence. We consider the opinions of their families and any professionals who may be involved in their care. Our approach is professional and client-centred.

We have a variety of residential care options available in the vicinity, which allow us to create personalized care plans for each individual. Our step-up and step-down services are provided by the same group of qualified personnel, ensuring seamless care and support throughout the whole process.

Other Services

Our supported living services

At Topview, we offer round-the-clock support, available 7 days a week, with personalized 1:1 assistance. Our team provides comprehensive aid in diverse areas to facilitate individuals in leading more rewarding and satisfying lives. Our services are delivered with a high level of professionalism. 

We provide professional assistance to individuals with learning disabilities, autism, mental health conditions, and those who exhibit challenging behaviours, to help them live their desired life.

Professional assistance with daily living tasks such as personal care, nutrition, medication management, household upkeep, bill payment, shopping, financial planning, and tenancy maintenance is provided through domiciliary care and support services.

Assistance is provided to access benefits such as direct payments and personal budgets. Community outreach services are available to help individuals develop confidence, engage in community activities, and stay connected with their families. This is a professional service aimed at providing comprehensive support to those in need.

The aim is to enhance the overall standard of living, regardless of an individual’s medical condition or physical limitations. Assistance is available round the clock, with emphasis on allowing the individual to make choices, participate and feel included. Help is provided to access educational programs, as well as opportunities for both voluntary and paid employment. The professional approach ensures that all needs are met to achieve an improved quality of life.

Flexible, person-centred support

Our primary objective is to provide assistance to individuals with learning disabilities, autism, mental health issues, and disruptive behaviours to enable them to be self-sufficient to the best of their abilities, both in their own residence and in their local surroundings.

At Topview, we work in partnership with people to ensure they have control over the way their support is provided. Our focus is on enabling people to achieve their goals and to become more independent.

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If you would like to learn more about our support options or have an informal conversation, feel free to contact us at 01159771585. Our team is always available to assist you in a professional manner.

Free Assessment

After getting in touch with Topview Healthcare, we will arrange a complimentary evaluation of your care requirements. We will have a candid discussion regarding your current necessities as well as any aspirations or objectives you may have concerning your care. Our approach is professional and client-focused.

Care Plan Created and starts

Based on your individual requirements and circumstances, we will connect you with a group of caregivers who are most suitable for your lifestyle and care necessities. Collaboratively, we will devise a care strategy that integrates activities and amenities that cater to your specific needs.

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