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Our Team

Our Team

Our team at Topview Healthcare is deeply passionate about our work. We are a group of skilled professionals who are dedicated to the sector we serve, with many of us having personal experience in the positive impact that quality care can bring.


Staff You Can Trust

Opted & Vetted

Before you need it, we carefully choose and prepare the most capable and proficient staff to provide you with the care you require. Our team undergoes rigorous screening and background checks to ensure that they are the best fit for the job.

Qualified & Skilled

Our care staff are not only trained and qualified, but they also possess expertise in various specialized areas such as dementia care. We uphold professionalism in providing the services you require. No information is left out in ensuring that every task is performed with utmost competency.

Compassionate Individuals

We carefully choose and prepare our staff to deliver the highest quality care promptly when you require it. Our team undergoes rigorous screening and background checks to ensure that they are the best and most qualified professionals for the job.


Our evaluators possess vast expertise in pairing the appropriate personnel with our customers. Hence, they evaluate the interests and hobbies of the staff to guarantee that they align well with the clients, incorporating their cultural requirements. This is done with the utmost professionalism.

Our Hiring Processes

We use a five-step model for our recruitment process, which aims to provide you with the most favourable chance to showcase your abilities and expertise.

Stage 1: Apply

When applying for a job, make sure to follow the instructions given in the advertisement. This may include filling out an application form or submitting your resume, personal statement, and cover letter. External candidates may also be required to complete an equal opportunities form. Upon submission of your application, you will receive an automated email confirmation. It is important to include all necessary information as per the job requirements.

As part of the application process, we urge you to fill out our equal opportunities monitoring form, which helps us evaluate how well our equality and diversity policies are working.

Stage 2: Shortlist

Your application will be assessed based on the person specification, and we will create a shortlist based on the required qualifications, experience, skills, and competencies for the position. If you meet all of our essential criteria and are eligible for the guaranteed interview scheme, you will be automatically considered for the shortlist.

Stage 3: Interview, assessment and selection

Once you have been selected, you will be asked to participate in an interview as well as other assessments to evaluate your skills that are applicable to the position. If you are chosen, we will inform you that you are the preferred candidate. 

Stage 4: Selection and conditional offer of employment.

If you are selected as the top choice, we will provide you with a conditional job offer that outlines the key employment terms and conditions. However, the job offer will only be valid after we conduct pre-employment screenings and obtain satisfactory references.

Stage 5: Pre-employment checks and confirmed offer of employment

Prior to offering you employment, we will conduct pre-employment screenings to ensure that all necessary information is verified. These screenings will encompass the following:

  • proof of ID / right to work in the UK
  • two successful references, where one is from your current or most recent employer
  • an Enhanced Disclosure Check
  • occupational health questionnaire and referrals, where appropriate
  • registration and qualifications check, where relevant.

After completing all necessary verifications, we will determine a commencement date and validate the employment offer by giving you a contract that outlines the details of your employment, including terms and conditions.

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